For Patients

What can you do, if your joints hurt, your mobility is limited and the perceived restrictions of life compromise your well-being?

Arthrosis does not only affect old people. It can happen to everyone and have several causes: Overload at work, during sports activities or an accident. Almost 80% of the whole population suffer from arthrosis.

Our joints are constantly in motion,

for our whole life!

We help patients with arthrosis and other joint diseases caused by cartilage defects to return to an active lifestyle... and regain their well-being that mobility brings to their daily life.

We are convinced that there are other treatment options beyond orthopaedic aids and non-pharmaceutical therapy and developed the implant portfolio CHOPIN®.

What is CHOPIN®? – A small carbon fibre pin promotes the formation of new cartilage cells at the defect site with high success rates in very short time. This medical device was already used at the end of the 1980s.

With our research we have clearly recognised the benefit of such an implant for patients with cartilage defects and relaunched it after extensive further development. Many scientific studies confirm the success of this implant!

We provide information about ...

… the fundamentals of arthrosis, current treatment options for osteoporosis on the market and how CHOPIN® carbon fibre pins promote cartilage formation. Read what scientific studies have proven, what the press writes and what patients say.