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„Health is our most valuable asset - and our primary goal!“

Biomedical Implants GmbH, short "BMI", is the leading company in the development and production of medical products for the successful treatment of osteoarthrosis and other cartilage defects promoting long-term regeneration of joint cartilage.

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Implants like our original carbon fibre pin "Chopin®" and specially developed, innovative surgical instruments help patients with severe joint arthrosis to return to an active lifestyle.

As market leader in this segment we are not only committed to the quality of our products, but also to a continuous further development and use of state-of-the-art medical technology to effectively address joint arthrosis and other cartilage defects.

Therefore, we also provide orthopaedic surgeons and surgeons with other products for the innovative and state-of-the-art treatment of joint arthrosis. This is what distinguishes our company from others making us a competent partner for health and well-being of people all over the world.

Did you know that approximately 85% of all patients report full relief of symptoms after implantation of a Repair-Pins CHOPIN® and a short rehabilitation period and that these patients did not have to have an endoprosthesis? Clinical studies confirm these patient statements!

News, Dates & Events

Cartilage Congress, Stettin

Meeting with Workshop

On 4 and 5 October 2013, the cartilage congress will be held in Szczecin. The event is sponsored by us.

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ICRS Congress in Tallinn, Estonia

From May 30 to June 1, 2013. Biomedical Implants GmbH is the sponsor of the event.

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