Case reports

Joseph K.

born in 1951, self-employed:

He first presented at the age of 47 due to persistent load-dependent pain in the left knee. In 1978, i. e. 21 years before, he had an open lateral meniscectomy performed. When diagnosed with lateral knee arthrosis, he was recommended to have a high tibial osteotomy (HTO) performed. Due to the potential risks and expected outcome he refused and decided to have carbon fibre pins implanted leaving further options open in case of a failure.

Surgery in 1999: 5 cartilage pins were implanted.
After follow-up treatment without any complications, Mr K. has been free of symptoms for ten years now and even resumed his football activities. As a proactive care measure for his knee he gets a series of hyaluronic acid injections once a year.

Mr K.'s feedback:
„I had to make a difficult decision at the time: Either have a quite risky and long tibial osteotomy or try the carbon fibre pins. I had nothing to lose in choosing the pins. I would still have the realignment osteotomy as an option with eight weeks’ absence from work. I had five pins implanted into my knee. After ten days I was back at work. Since then, I haven't had any symptoms. Thank you very much for this wonderful "natural" treatment option. I can play football again and feel very comfortable. I can highly recommend this straightforward treatment option.“

Claus R.

born in 1944, fireman:

Arthroscopy and implantation of three carbon fibre pins in the left knee in October 2000 at the age of 57 due to load-dependent pain with existing knee arthrosis and trochlear groove arthrosis. The only possible alternative would have been an endoprosthesis. Until today, Mr R. is symptom-free. Due to similar symptoms in the right knee with lateral arthrosis and trochlear groove arthrosis he underwent arthroplasty with implantation of four carbon fibre pins in July 2000.

Despite subjective improvement of the overall symptoms he suffered from repeated irritations with blockage and swelling. The cartilage was abraded in a second operation and three additional pins were implanted. Since then, he experienced only rare minor problems in the right knee during longer loading, e.g. riding a motor bike or playing table tennis. He has not had any pain at rest since then.

The enthusiastic sportsman can pursue his sports activities. The only alternative would have been an early implantation of a knee endoprosthesis with a subsequent limitation of his physical fitness and reduction of his quality of life.

Rudolf H.

born in 1949, self-employed:

He first presented at the age of 53 due to persistent pain in the left knee. Eight and fifteen years before he had undergone partial medial meniscectomy.

Surgery in March 2003: 5 cartilage pins were implanted. He was completely pain-free after only three months and was able to take two to three hours' walks again.

Surgery in November 2003: Anterior cruciate ligament, knee stabilisation. He has been free of symptoms for years and plays tennis in a senior’s premier league team.

Mr H.'s feedback:
„In the past, sports was a torture for me. Thanks to this surgical method with the carbon fibre pins, I can finally play tennis again after many years, after all other treatment attempts had failed. I can even play about three hours a day without any symptoms and without any pain the next day, which had always been the case before I underwent surgery.“