CHOPIN®, the original repair pin

The principle that makes use of your body's own healing power!

The repair pin CHOPIN® is a composite pin consisting of a solid inner core (made of 99.999% pure carbon = carbon) and an outer shell with more than 500 interwoven carbon-coated carbon fibres. The specific woven structure enables the body's stem cells to migrate from the deeper bone marrow along the fibres into the cartilage defect. It maintains the flow of new cells thus allowing for the formation of new cartilage tissue. The so-called fibrous or replacement cartilage.

The biological property of the carbon fibre supports cartilage regeneration. This repeats itself continuously and thus forms a real, sustainable solution for arthrosis treatment and conventional therapie.

Carbon is chemically inactive (inert) so that new stem cells can easily migrate to the surface next to and between the fibres, thus promoting the formation of new fibre cartilage. As soon as the new tissue has been formed on top of the implant, it spreads over the whole defect and is smoothly integrated into the existing cartilage.

During physical movement this newly created area is finally transformed into replacement cartilage tissue. The filled cartilage defect can resume all normal joint functions again without pain and loss of motion.

Up to now, this treatment method is successfully used for patients suffering from knee and ankle joint arthrosis and for trauma patients.

In case of gonarthrosis joint replacement can be avoided or at least delayed for several years. Especially in trauma surgery mainly younger patients are treated. Until now, conservative treatment or arthrodesis (joint stiffening) were the only options.

As CHOPIN® implants are inserted arthroscopically, this kind of surgery is particularly gentle for the patient. Moreover, it can be performed on an outpatient basis. In any case, it is a comparably small surgical intervention which is a clear advantage for younger patients with early cartilage defects in the knee. Moreover, it is also an advantage for older patients as their natural knee joint can be preserved with the full range of motion.

No long-term absence from work due to rehabilitation!

This procedure is not associated with an impairment of subsequent surgical interventions. In contrast to traditional treatment methods is this patient-friendly, joint-preserving and durable!

The original only from CHOPIN®
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